Grevenmacher, 8th March 2024

ANFL (Compartment 2022-01) (ISIN: CH1149139524)

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Board of Directors of PSI Concepts SA, acting in the name and on behalf of ANFL (Compartment 2022-01), hereby convene an official Debenture Bond Holders Meeting.

The Debenture Bond Holders Meeting will be held at the registered office of PSI Concepts SA:

17, Rue de Flaxweiler

6776 Grevenmacher

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

on Monday, 25th March 2024, at 2pm

The purpose of this meeting is to inform the Debenture Bond Holders about the current status quo of the Issuer of the underlying Reference Promissory Note, resulting effects on the Compartment and any approaches, the Debenture Bond Holders might propose.

Preliminary Agenda of the Debenture Bond Holders Meeting:

1) Welcoming and Meeting opening

2) Determination of the quorum

3) Update Status Quo of ANFL (Compartment 2022-01)

4) Update on the Reference Promissory Note Issuer

5) Effects on the Compartment and of its Debenture Bond Holders

6) Financial considerations

7) Next Steps

8) Miscellaneous

The Debenture Bond Holders Meeting can be attended personally or by proxy. Any Debenture Bond Holder wishing to participate by conference-call, video-conference or by any other means of communication should touch base in advance with the contracted administration and calculation agent PSI Services SA by email ( or by telephone (+352 274 877 850).

With kind regards

PSI Concepts SA

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