Stephan Blohm

Stephan Blohm has taken on important roles in his life, especially in the financial sector, and has held senior positions in management. Let’s take a closer look at the path he has taken and how he has made a name for himself as a successful CEO and innovative entrepreneur.

Stephan Blohm – or how to become an expert in complex capital investments with conscientiousness and analytical ability.


Born in Bremerhaven in 1970, Stephan Blohm studied Business Administration at the University of Augsburg (1990 – 1995). With specialisations in Auditing and Controlling, he recognised his passion early on and was able to apply his skills directly after graduating at an international auditing, consulting and tax advisory firm where he was Head of Auditing for large institutional and medium-sized clients.

Career & entrepreneurial development

Blohm then went abroad and worked as Head of Fund Accounting for a fund administrator for German institutional investors. He then headed the special department as Head of Business Project Services at a leading global custodian bank.

After another three years, back-office expert Stephan Blohm joined a large capital management company, where he was Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and then Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Northern Europe (Germany, France, UK and Switzerland). His responsibilities included Finance & Controlling, Product Development, Internal Audit, Project & Process Management, Product Development, Legal & Compliances, Human Resources and Information Technology.

In search of new challenges, he moved to Luxembourg. As Managing Director of a capital management company, he made a name for himself as a specialist in the design and administration of individual capital investment structures. He provided institutional and wealthy private clients with innovative, comprehensive and neutral service solutions for capital investments in all asset classes. He was also responsible for the Marketing and Sales, Portfolio Management, Project Management and Product Development departments.

During his time in Luxembourg, where he later assumed the position of Managing Partner at a former competitor, Stephan Blohm continued to maintain close ties with his home country of Germany, where he had been sitting on the supervisory board of an owner-managed asset management firm for several years in parallel.

Stephan Blohm as CEO

Stephan Blohm is currently CEO of a medium-sized company in the financial services sector. In parallel, he is also a active member of the Board of Directors of our preferred administration and calculation agent PSI Services SA. As the main shareholder, he also contributes his skills as a specialist for innovative concepts of individual and complex investment structures to the day-to-day business. On a partnership basis, Blohm develops professional, successful and, above all, innovative service solutions for demanding clients in the financial and investment sector. According to his clients, Stephan Blohm impresses above all with his humorous and Nordic-direct manner, which enables cooperation at eye level and on a first-name basis.

Entrepreneur Blohm can look back on almost 30 years in the specialised financial services sector. In addition to his many years of experience, he benefits above all from his constant ability to look ahead and his special feeling for his clients’ needs, so that he can confidently be counted among the experienced individuals in this business. His innovative, targeted and solution-oriented approach to capital investments and investment opportunities continue to distinguish him in particular.

Social commitment & Miscellaneous

Throughout his professional career in Europe, Stephan Blohm has supported several social initiatives. These include associations for the support and training of guide dogs for the severely disabled or fundraising campaigns for social institutions, e.g., children’s hospice and palliative teams. In addition, Stephan Blohm continues to support initiatives for sustainable corporate culture & mobility, the careful use of resources, social equality and the expansion of renewable energies. The importance of the coming generations as well as the needs and care of children are central to Stephan Blohm’s activities.