Grevenmacher, 4th March 2024

PSI Concepts SA gives notice to all holders of the bonds with ISIN CH1108675625 of the extraordinary termination pursuant to § 16.2 of the Terms of Issue.

A mandatory return of the Reference Private Equity took place.

Pursuant to § 16.4 of the Terms of Issue, the Issuer paid net proceeds resulting from the realisation of the Reference Private Equity as an early redemption amount to the bondholders.

The bonds were redeemed on 29th February 2024 at a price of 100% from the securities accounts of the holders of the bonds via Clearing Agent.

Upon collection of the bonds by the Clearing Agent, the Issuer will be released from its obligations under the Terms of Issue.

Details of this extraordinary termination are available at the registered office of the Issuer.

Servicer: PSI Services SA

Securitisation Platform: PSI Concepts SA

Compartment: GE Super Prime Hospitality Holdings

Compartment No.: Compartment 2023-02

ISIN: CH1108675625

VALOR: 110867562

PSI Services SA

Stephan Blohm, Florian Würzer and Levke Hansen