Compartment overview

Here you will find relevant information about the compartments we administer, if necessary.

GE Super Prime Hospitality Holdings (Compartment 2023-02)




Issue Price

CH1108675625 NA 100%
Issuing volume Up to EUR 250,000,000.00
Issue date 8th March 2023


EUR 1,000.00

Minimum investment      

Interest rate

250,000.00 EUR


Interest payment Every 7th March of each calendar year
Bloomberg Ticker Yes
Price calculation Monthly


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ANFL (Compartment 2022-01)
ISIN WKN Issue Price
CH1149139524 NA 100%
Issuing volume Up to USD 290,000,000.00
Issue date 6th May 2022
Denomination USD 1,000.00
Interest rate 4% p.a.
Interest payment Every 30th April of each calendar year (first Interest Payment Date 30th April 2024)
Maturity 30th April 2027
Bloomberg Ticker Yes (please use source LUXS)
Price calculation Annually



      Terms of Issue