Grevenmacher, 13th May 2024

ANFL (Compartment 2022-01) (ISIN: CH1149139524)

According to the Terms of Issue, the interest period is from 01.08.2022 (incl.) to 30.04.2024 (excl.).

The compartment ANFL (2022-01) with ISIN CH1149139524 does not have sufficient liquidity in its account to disperse interest to its bondholders due to the current economic situation of the underlying.

The Board of Directors decides, that a potential interest payment for the period from 01.08.2022 (incl.) to 30.04.2024 (excl.) of annualized 4,00%, based on the nominal amount of 282.750.000,00 USD to the bondholders with a total amount of 19.761.083,33 USD (in words: nineteen million seven hundred and sixty-one thousand and eighty-three USD and thirty-three Cents) with value date 30.04.2024 will be postponed to 28.06.2024 initially to enable the underlying to fulfill its duties and to reorganize and solve its current economic situation.

Servicer: PSI Services SA

Securitisation Platform: PSI Concepts SA

Compartment: ANFL

Compartment No.: Compartment 2022-01

ISIN: CH1149139524

VALOR: 114913952

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PSI Services SA

Stephan Blohm, Florian Würzer and Levke Hansen